Roles and Responsibilities

The interdisciplinary team of Cadre is our team of clinical and non-clinical leaders and supporters within the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) that work cohesively to help wounded, ill and injured Soldiers focus on their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. Cadre members provide support and guidance to Soldiers and their Families in developing the Soldier’s Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP) and play a positive and active role throughout the Soldier’s transition. The needs of each Soldier drive the makeup of his/her Cadre, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

Triad of Care

The Triad of Care refers to the Primary Care Manager (PCM), Nurse Case Manager (NCM) and Squad Leader (SL)/Platoon Sergeant (PSG) that is assigned to a specific WTU Soldier. The PCM plans, directs and oversees the care. The NCM coordinates the care. The SL/PSG leads the Soldier, enabling him/her to comply with CTP requirements. The PCM, NCM and SL/PSG are responsible for ensuring all members of the WTU team operate synergistically and the team’s efforts all work towards the benefit of the Soldier.

Squad Leader (SL) or Platoon Sergeant (PSG)

The squad leader or platoon sergeant serves as the first line supervisor to the Soldier and the link to Command. The SL/PSG is responsible for facilitating the resolution of administrative issues and helps guide the Soldier through the WTU process, while enforcing military standards. Download the Squad Leader fact sheet for more information. Specific responsibilities include:

Primary Care Manager (PCM)

The primary care manager evaluates the Soldier’s holistic medical requirements and plans, directs and oversees all Soldier care during his/her time in the WTU. The PCM’s responsibility to the Soldier continues until the Soldier exits the WTU, and includes ensuring a seamless medical handoff to the Soldier’s VA care provider or other successor primary care provider. Specific responsibilities include:

Nurse Case Manager (NCM)

The nurse case manager is a registered nurse who works with the Soldier throughout his/her medical treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. NCMs are responsible for helping Soldiers regain health or improved functional capability by facilitating the development and implementation of goals. The NCM ensures that the Soldier and the SL/PSG understands the medical plan of care and the medical team is aware of the Soldier’s non-medical goals. Specific responsibilities include:

Transition Coordinator

The Transition Coordinator (TC) integrates Career and Education Readiness (CER) activities for all eligible WTU Soldiers, focusing on the career domain of the CTP. The TC’s role is to manage the unit CER program and ensure all eligible WTU Soldiers engage in worksites or educational activities that are in line with their career track and career goals. In order to be eligible, WTU Soldiers must be cleared clinically by their Nurse Case Manager (NCM) and administratively by their Commander to participate. While not all units currently have a full-time TC, all units have someone acting in the TC role. Download the Transition Coordinator fact sheet for more information.

Specific responsibilities include:

Assisting the Soldier in developing and refining their CER plan.

Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Representative

SFAC employees and liaisons provide resources and assistance in nearly every area of a Soldier's recovery and transition. Specifically they can assist with: human resources guidance; social services; finanical counseling; transition and employment assistance; educational counseling; child, youth, and school services; and Defense Finance and Accounting Services. Visit the SFAC page for more information.

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